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Originally Posted by Sooyun View Post
Ah-ah-ah~ Your Quilava is technically already dead. If your Pokemon faints to its weakness/mortal enemy (See rule 2 and the weakness chart. Anything in blue for that group will drive Quilava to extinction after one fainting), then they're automatically extinct. Your Quilava lost to a Pidgey when it was a Cyndaquil, so it shouldn't be alive now. You'll have to box it or release it and you can't use another Pokemon in that group.

Side Note: I may more than likely make a rule saying that if all families die before the Pokemon League, then you can start fresh with a new team that will have to be trained from the ground up/from scratch.

Crap,I misread the chart.My mind says Blue=good and red=bad and not opposite
WIll restart the game and just a question,what are bat's species?