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Originally Posted by [I]-Hac*ker. View Post
Thanks for replying! But it didn't change anything, the first script works great, but the second freezes. The music & other sprites continue on playing and moving, only the player freezes, I can't move :S

I appreciate the help, though =)(
Wait, why do you have a branching segment at the beginning of your level script? The thing with having multiple type 2 level scripts is that the game will automatically compare your variable ('0x7000') for you and branch to the correct script. Something else to note: if you set '0x7000' to 1 right after the first level script, it will trigger the second level script immediately after the first one finishes.

Anyway, I just tested it out and it worked so if there's a problem, you're doing something else wrong. I'm afraid I can't help you with that.

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