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Quote originally posted by LaureTheLoner:
Lol I thought the same thing when I saw that chart that's why when I fix the forum I think I might make some changes to it

red = evil and bad

lol. Feel free to change it as you please. I associate red with strong, and blue with weak (cause in the games, when your stats rise, you get a red aura. When they lower, you get a blue aura.)

BTW, you can add:

6. If all families are extinct before reaching the Pokemon League, you must start your game from scratch ONLY if your team died permanently before reaching the following areas:

If your team dies permanently after these check points, you may use the last Pokemon that died to begin a new team through breeding it for an egg (your new starter). After hatching the egg, you are allowed to use the 'extinct' Pokemon (for those EV enthusiasts) or daycare to help train the baby until level 10. After the baby is level 10, all other Pokemon must be boxed/released and you must create a new team. Your new team can not have the same Pokemon your old team had. *NOTE: For original Kanto, you will have to start over if you haven't reached Cerulean. If you reached Cerulean, then you'll have to box your old team and create a new one from scratch (due to breeding being non-existant)

@ツールです I forgot about bats! Doh! Well, they don't lay eggs like birds do, and they're mammals, so I'll put them in the Mus Musculus family.

I want the Survival of the Fittest to be customized, so if anyone wants a badge after they complete that theme, they can PM me.

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