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Update 1:

Started my Survival of The Fittest Theme on Japanese Leaf Green.
Named myself Green in English.
I had the choice between the Amphibian Squirtle, the glass cannon Reptile Charmander, and the tank Reptile Bulbasaur. I went with Bulbasaur. Beat Blue's Charmander and ran Prof. Oak's errand. Blew all 6 of my poke balls only to catch a Rattata, Mankey, and Caterpie.

Current location: Viridian Forest
Bulbasaur lvl 10 (3 lives left)
Mankey lvl 7 (3 lives left)
Metapod lvl 8 (3 lives left)
Rattata lvl 7 (1 life left. Lost to a Rattata. Died out of battle to poison)
X FC: 4484-9012-9702

Current Challenge(s):

B.I.N.G.O - Kanto - Love @ 1st Sight - LG

Current Challenges on hold:
UMC (Fire) => Fire Red Soul Silver Emerald Platinum Black

Complete Challenges:

Event: Green, Gold, and Booze☆ - St. Patrick's Challenge Event!
Event: Challoween - Halloween Event
Lyrics Challenge (Rhianna -Sell Me Candy)
Dream Theme - Survival Of the Fittest

The Hippie Challenge - Blastoise//Sandslash//Fearow//Lapras

Future Challenge(s):