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Quote originally posted by GliscorOwnz:
Ok now im really stuck . Im at the Rock Concert event and you need too pass these steel walls , help ?
Go into the room at the end, where there are lots of trash cans. Some of those trash cans, when talked to, have a chance to give you an item that will get you past the doors.

Quote originally posted by Mephodicus:
I like it. It seems very different from other hacks I've seen. Keep it up.
Why, thank you. Praise is always welcome.

Quote originally posted by t0x1c:
I've beaten the Elite 4 and the Champion like 3 times and NOTHING happens.
I even tried running through the whole victory road again.
What am i supposed to do?
I have absolutely no idea. Which sucks, but at least I'm honest about it. You do realise that I don't actually know what I'm doing when it comes to hacking?

Quote originally posted by GliscorOwnz:
Im Stuck.
Umm , I Dont Know What Too Do Next. Im At The Necropolis Hub . After We Discuss With Steven , Meteor , and The Old Man. Then We Go To The Room And Theres Nothing In The Room. Help ?
Go to the bottom left hole in the floor, and walk between the two rocks.

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