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I've recently started a few breeding projects of sorts.
My first question is which Skarmory should I use
The moves I plan on teaching it are Drill peck, Roost, Metal wing, and Spikes(or Aerial ace)

-Docile nature, strong willed, happily eats anything (not sure if the last two make a difference but might as well put it there)

-Lax nature, somewhat stubborn, likes sour food.
-Timid nature, good endurance, likes sweet food.

Also what would be a good nature for a Magby with thunder punch and a Gabite with outrage.
Current emerald team:
Blaziken, Skai (Skarmory), Wailord, Aggron, Flygon, Gardevoir.

Diamond team: (in the works)
Empoleon, Gaspar (Haunter), Charizard

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Ivysaur, Fearow, Diglett, Mr. Nido(Nidorino), Meowth (HM slave).