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Originally Posted by Varelse View Post
Cutlerine, could you give me another hint on how to get Faceleech? I know you said in previous posts and that it was related to Turmur, and that it was supposed to look like the arm of Deoxys, but those are still pretty vague , I mean, I caught Turmur, took it to King Meteor, nothing, took it to Meteor falls, nothing, so I still have no clue how to get it. Also, are the Shaderu and Luca Zamon available with the current patch, as well as any other legendaries?
Faceleech is related to Turmur. Think about that sentence like a linguist. Or like a Mushi-shi - it's the same sort of skill, I think.

The other legendaries are not available yet. I give them out sparingly. As of yet, you can only get Turmur, the three Furis and Faceleech.

Originally Posted by atie View Post
Someone is it even possible to go pass Madio cave without headbanging yourself
are there any tips or something where can i find flash?
I found a room where you can see a room were you can see meteor in the next room and with many ways that lead to victory road, a room that is not build yet and multiple enters to 1 door

I found a room with blue and red crystals

I founs the room were afro ball is

I found out how insane someone can be for now the 4th day someone I wanna see what is happening with that fancy egg I got :3
It is possible to get through it, but you don't get Flash to help you. That's all I can say; I don't remember the way through, because I never go through it myself. That's my prerogative, as the creator.

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