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Quote originally posted by Roswell:
What's even weirder is that they released these long after they stopped producing PokeSupe in America. So that REALLY threw people off-track. But since I had read it online, I knew the story, and found that they didn't do the best job choosing the "best" chapters o3o

Speaking of online reading, I really wish I could find EToP (Electric Tale of Pikachu), PiPiPi Adventures/Magical Pokemon Journey, and DP Adventures (not DPPt PokeSupe) on here ;; Those are hard to come by, and I was lucky that the library where my dad lives had a bunch of the Magical Pokemon Journey stuff.

You can find DP Adventures on Amazon or in Barnes and noble/Borders(Though it requires buying/reading in the bookstore). Electric Tale of Pikachu and PiPiPi Adventures are really hard to find translated, you'd probably have to buy it in japanese or chinese and have someone read it for you haha.
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