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Originally Posted by atie View Post
i need to find the pacifidock gym I already unlocked the shop at lillycove but what ther heck is genesis 25? I mean in never heard of it and I realy want new powers to kick senex his ass :3

ED: Damn you ask a muslim chapters of a bible -,-

Is there a way to get back to soothpolis after you leave cuz ineed a bigass training before i get to necropolis
I'm a Buddhist. Doesn't mean I can't read the Bible. It's a valuable source of cryptic lore for use in puzzles.

Originally Posted by GhostArceus View Post
Hey, great hack but I'm in the solar caverns and I'm still unable to find sundance rock. There's just the normal cracks in the floor and a few ladders that don't really go anywhere. Help? thanks
Not sure how you've missed Sundance Rock. There's a sign and everything.

Originally Posted by axman11224 View Post
So me and my friend were looking for a new hack to LP for the past week or two, but couldn't find anything interesting that was finished (or close to it). All of a sudden this game pops out of nowhere (for me at least lol) so we decided to do it! Just figured I'd post it since I don't really have anything interesting to add:

Oh yeah, and we heard this is really hard, SO WE'RE NUZLOCKING IT

Interesting. I'll be sure to check that out.

Originally Posted by sharpbow11 View Post
When all of your pokes faint, you should be teleported to the Pokecenter that you used last. And, about Cinderco, I don't think it has any significance other than being able to evolve from a, I think, Leaf Stone. (Don't quote me on that, I haven't evolved mine)
Mhmm, but, I wasn't, I was ported to the place with the lava in the middle and where you meet the first horseman, theres also that charizard hanging out. I don't understand, of all the places to port....That place? So far away?[/QUOTE]

Something went wrong there. As you exit the submarine into Fortree, the healing place should be set to the Fortree one. I'll look into that.

Originally Posted by Lindsay View Post
Oh, I think this had been said already, but just to make sure, there's a bug when you enter Lilycove for the first time - the Deadly Seven are all invisible. It doesn't really matter all that much, but just to say.

(... I love the Deadly Seven, btw...)
This doesn't happen for everyone. I don't know how to fix problems that don't exhibit themselves on my own copy, but I'll try.

Originally Posted by RHIOneAlbum View Post
WLAN, this hack has come so far from it's original :D
I'm glad to see it being updated often and new things every time
Thank you, Mysterious Internet Person. It's nice to know someone's watching. Although, when put like that, it's mildly creepy.

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