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Quote orignally posted by Etaire:
It's nterestng seeng everyone's writng style n a role play. some thugz write gigantic posts, othars have lackluster ones that may or may not improve over time. I patiently await yo next chapter (Don't rush, tha wait makes it all that much better, haha.)
Yep, but tha grand thng bout it is that everyone gits better wit time if thay're really nta it.

Tha wait is actually pretty darn anticipatng, right? Haha I remember waitng impatiently fo mah favorite fic writers ta release anothar chapter. I only release a chapter when I'm done writng one. Dependng on how mah day goes, I might release tha next chapter eithar taday or tamorrow.

But here is just a teaser fo you- I've written up ta chapter 6, and bout ta start writng tha 7th one. Hope that makes tha wait fo tha next one funner, lol :P

Credit fo tha thame goes ta Hybrid Traner

anyways, check out mah fanfic, Legends of Kanta
first volume completed, chapter releases on tha way!
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