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Chapter 4

Red had just been defeated by Blue in his first ever Pokemon match. His Charmander, which he held in his arms, was too weak to walk on its own due to its battle injuries. Red walked through the shade of the trees in the direction that led back to the main path, seeing as he can’t go any further due to this defeat halting his process. As he stared down into the Charmander’s weakly opened eyes, he found himself in thought about his crushing defeat at the hands of Blue and Squirtle. The thought was visibly distasteful, due to the facial expression he presented.

“Man, what kind of trainer loses his first battle..” He looked to the ground in front of him as he sighed, “Maybe I’m not cut out for this…”

Red stopped, knelt down to the ground, and released Charmander from his hold. The reptilian Pokemon was barely able to stand on its own, which Red took note off. He took a Poke Ball out of his pocket, and then a transparent, red beam of energy shot out towards Charmander. The energy engulfed the fire Pokemon’s entire body, which then disappeared into the Poke Ball. The ball then reverted back to its normal, compressed size and Red put it back in his pocket, “Take a nice rest.” he said before continuing down his path.

It wasn’t long before Red recognized the area where he strayed away from the main path. He continued to walk with the look of disappointment present in his eyes. He wasn’t directing any of these emotions towards his Charmander, as he knew the loss was not the Pokemon’s fault. He was blaming himself, and he felt weaker and weaker each time the thought crossed his mind. He stopped when he saw a rock a few feet in front of him, which he proceeded to pick up. Possible a method to try and take this loss off his mind, he threw the rock out into the tall, open grass. However, a Pokemon shrieked when the rock got lost in the grass.

Red, concerned, approached where he heard the Pokemon. He then stopped when a wild Pidgey flew into the air and flapped its wings before him with a bump on its head, tears in its eyes, and an angry look on its face. Red began to attempt his apology, but the wild bird Pokemon loudly called out its name twice in a few directions. Then, multiple Pidgey rose from the tree where its nest is located. A scared look overtook Red’s eyes as a rush of adrenaline entered his body. He began running, and the bird Pokemon gave chase.

<Good thing Charmander is safe in the ball.> He thought as he ran towards the place where he entered Route 1.

It was a good chase the Pidgey gave him, but he managed to get away from all of them by the time he got into Pallet Town. When he realized they were gone, he stopped and panted for a couple minutes. When he caught his breath, he put his hands into his pockets and began walking down one of the dirt paths that led to the citizens houses. After walking down this road for a few moments, he noticed someone walking his way, a brown haired girl. He recognized and acknowledged her.

“Hey, aren’t you Green, from class?”

Green stopped when Red spoke to her. Red was clearly not thinking about his lost Pokemon battle anymore, as he was too busy checking out the girl in front of him. Green wore a thin, black dress that fit her slim figure perfectly, much to Red’s liking. The dress’ short length coupled with the small heels on her black shoes made her look just a little bit taller than she really was. However, this wasn’t the main thing that caught the boy’s attention. Red stared into her innocently glazing blue eyes as she spoke, “Why yes, I am.” she smiled while she asked, “And you’re Red, one of the three graduating trainers, right?”

“Yep, that’s me.” Red said with half a smile as the thought of his loss reentered his thoughts.

“Oh, splendid!” She squealed, “So you must be ready for your journey? But why does it look like you’re heading back from Route 1?” she questioned.

It pained Red now that he had to explain what just happened, but still he began to spill.

“Ugh, long story. You see, Professor Oak, his grandson Blue, Barclay and I were all somewhere on Route 1 somewhere to watch the Professor catch a Pokemon for Barclay, because the starter Pokemon he wanted got stolen.” A small yet devilish smile appeared on Green’s face as Red mentioned the part about the stolen Pokemon. But she dissipated the smile and kept nodding her head rather than raise Red any suspicion as the boy continued, “Then I challenged Blue to a Pokemon battle after that.”

“Oh, how did it go?” Green asked, as she was clearly steering the subject away from the stolen Pokemon.

“I lost..” Red grinded his teeth, clenched his fists and looked at the ground with mixed emotions.

“Oh…” Green looked surprised, “So what are you gonna do?”

“Stay home for another night, I guess.” He pulled Charmander’s Poke Ball out of his pocket, “I really don’t have another choice, I need to heal Charmander.”

“Oh, well that makes sense…”

A moment of awkward silence followed Green’s question before Red spoke up with a question, “So where are you going?” He looked at Route 1 and then back to her, “It looks like you’re going there, but you don’t have any Pokemon. Will you be safe?”

“Well, uh, I have a Pokemon.” Green nervously said as a questioning look overtook Red’s face. She continued when an idea quickly popped into her head, “My daddy gave me a Pokemon since I didn’t graduate, so I can go out on a journey anyways.” She giggled after she told her little lie as she thought, <Darn, that was close. I just hope he believes me.>.

“Oh, well that’s cool, I guess.” Red adjusted his hat.

“Besides,” Green began to tease, “why you so concerned about my safety, huh?”. Green winked, smiled and poked the tip of Red’s nose, who was blush was a deeper hue of red than his jacket.

“Well, uh, no reason.” Red nervously said.

“Ha ha, right.” Green laughed, “Well, I guess I’ll see you later, then.” she smiled and giggled.

“Alright, see ya later Green.” Red smiled back.

The girl waved goodbye to Red as they both walked in the opposite direction. When the girl was out of his site, he returned his view to the houses. It was nice for him to escape the thought of his crushing loss for a few moments before he began thinking about it again. He sighed with the thought. It took him nearly 15 minutes to reach the dirt road his house was located on. He sighed as he approached the door, disappointed that he had to come back. He knocked on the door, and his mom answered with a surprised look on her face.

“Red, what are you doing back, honey?”

“I’ll explain inside the house…”

Red removed his jacket, hung it over the chair and proceeded to sit down at the table with his mother. Red removed his hat as he explained everything that had occurred. He appeared to have a sliver of optimism when he explained Professor Oak’s battle and Poliwag’s capture, but his moods turned gloomy as he explained his battle with Blue. He didn’t leave out a single detail, he knew there was no use in sugar coating the sour event.

“Oh, that sounds awful…” She placed her hand on his hand, “Is your Charmander okay?”

Red grabbed the Poke Ball out of his pocket and showed it to her, “Well, he’s actually pretty hurt from the match. I’m going to have to stay here another extra night and set out tomorrow.”

Red’s mom seemed slightly delighted that she got to spend one more day with her son. She immediately tried to lift his spirits, “Well, why don’t you let Charmander out in the backyard for some rest while I make you some lunch?”

“That sounds like a good idea, but I’m not hung---” The grumbling of his stomach interrupted his sentence and he shared a quick laugh with his mother, “I guess I’ll have some lunch.”

Scarlet rose from her seat and smiled as she entered the kitchen to whip up a meal. Red looked at the Poke Ball in his hand as he walked down the main hallway where his and Scarlet’s rooms were located. The door to their backyard was at the very end of the hallway. A large tree that towered over his backyard was the first thing that came into his view as he exited the house. The tree loomed over much of the backyard, giving off some decent shade. Red then released Charmander from his Poke Ball.

“Alright Charmander, we’re resting up here for awhile.” Red explained as the tired reptilian Pokemon looked up to him, “And if you want, you can have a vegetable from my moms garden,” he pointed to the garden that stretched across the side of the house and into the backyard, “just don’t eat everything.”

Charmander nodded in agreement and then looked up to the tree behind it. It walked towards the base of the tree and saw apples hanging from the branches. He pointed his little claw up to them and looked at his trainer, who proceeded to pick one. The fire Pokemon seemed happy as he sat down against the tree. Red smiled and headed back into his house. The smell of hamburgers entered his nostrils as he approached the kitchen. He sat at the table to wait for his food.

While the boy seemed relaxed now that he was in his house and Charmander was safe, he still couldn’t shake the awful feelings he had over his loss. He blankly stared at the table and sighed as he rested his head in his hand. Minutes later, Scarlet approached the table with one steaming plate in each hand. She took note of the gloomy look in his eyes as she placed the food in front of him, “You alright, kiddo?”

“Yeah, it’s just that…” He sighed, “What kind of trainer loses his first Pokemon battle? I mean, maybe I’m just not cut out for this stuff… I don’t know, I just feel weak.”

His mothers fists immediately clenched as her son self-depreciated himself. She slammed her hand on the table, “Red, quit talking about yourself like that. It was just one loss, you’ll have plenty more battles. Come on, don’t let this one loss derail you from being a great Pokemon trainer.” She spoke strongly.

Scarlet’s words of support seemed to get through quite easily to Red, whose eyes immediately lit upon his mothers encouragement. He smiled as his doubt was now erased, “Thanks mom, I really appreciate that.”

His mother smiled and tousled his hair real quick, “Any time, kiddo.” she smiled and winked before walking back into the kitchen.

Red carried out his day as he normally would after he ate his burger and fries, by watching TV on the couch while his mother buried herself in a book. Hours flew by as the boy watched the television set in amazement, which was showing a marathon of Pokemon League battles. With each battle that passed by, thoughts of the battles he would one day take place in filled his mind. Then, a very important figure to the Kanto region appeared on the television. A spiky, red haired man with a cape draped over his body made his way onto the battle field. Red immediately recognized this man as Lance, the Dragon Master. He gleamed as the master Pokemon trainer gracefully commanded his Pokemon. He wished he was right there to see it with his own eyes.

“Isn’t that Lance, the champion of the Elite 4?” Scarlet rose her head from the book.

“Yeah! He’s the strongest trainer out there,” Red was bursting with enthusiasm, “and one day I wanna be just as strong as him!”

Red’s confidence was totally rejuvenated from the dim spirits he was in earlier over his loss. Scarlet took note of his as he clenched his fists and watched Lance’s battle in awe. She gleamed, closed her book, and gave her full attention to the television set.


It was late at night now, and everyone in the house was ready for bed. After Red retrieved Charmander from outside, both the Pokemon and his trainer were laying down comfortably in his room. They appeared to be sleeping like babies on their soft pillows. Red’s mother smiled and gave a silent chuckle when she checked up on her son. Red opened his eye as lightly as he could and waited for his mother to close the door.

When she did, he waited for a couple minutes to make sure she had gone to bed. When he realized he was in the clear, he rose from his bed and didn’t appear tired at all. A determined look was in his eyes as he stared out his window towards Route 1. He then proceeded to get dressed in his journey attire, red jacket and all. He slung his back over his shoulders then woke up Charmander, “Hey, we’re going now. Be very quiet.” his voice was barely audible, and he emphasized the word quiet.

Red opened the window in his room as quietly as he could. He then picked up Charmander and lifted him over the window ledge. He then jumped over himself and closed the window. Now that he was outside the house, he and Charmander left on the dirt path that led to Route 1. He seemed more confident than ever, he looked tall when he walked. He lifted his head up to see the moon brightly shining over the forest of Route 1 in the horizon.

The moon reflected in Red and Charmander’s eyes as they walked with serious look on their faces and a determined look in their eyes.

Credit for the theme goes to Hybrid Trainer

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