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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
This. I think we even had a quick questions thread for a while and it was never used anyway so we scrapped it. (But maybe I'm just thinking of somewhere else.)

:/ Page would still be just as cluttered imo from all the redirects anyway so might as well leave things out in the hopes that someone asking the same question will see it in a new thread.

I guess I don't care either way but I'm so jaded from seeing people ask the same dumb questions over and over despite them being in the FAQ, in a sticky and in a big notice above the forum that I just have zero expectations for this forum nowadays, haha.
Well, even if only one person used it, then that would be one less thread cluttering the front page, right? Besides, it would also include things such as minor typos and things like that, which are generally posted by people who are familiar with the site and would be more than happy to use a designated thread for it. Maybe I'm just optimistic but I'm under the impression that people don't want to break the rules, and there might be new people that don't understand something and aren't sure where to ask, and would post in a designated thread if they saw it there. I just figure if even a few threads were eliminated it would look much better, and that once thread get moved people might pay attention to it.

If people are worried about someone asking the same questions over and over, I'd be willing to handle answering the thread, there's plenty of that in the B/W Quick Questions thread but tbh I don't get tired of answering them. xD;

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