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Valorie smiled at Mark. She was doing her best not to let nervousness dictate her actions.

"Hey Mark!"

Valorie didn't suspect anything of the two. She wouldn't think Selene would actually tell Mark of all people. It just didn't occur to her that she might be trying to help him. Of course, this didn't stop her from wanting to help out. she glanced at Dratini, wondering if the pokemon could spare the telekinetic strength to help the two out.

...After a moment, she decided against it. She figured that perhaps the multi-tasking would be problematic, yet vowed to figure out for herself later.

"That's alright! I need to put on sun screen and stuff anyway. A battle on the beach was what I was thinking too."

She turned away.

"I'm going to go get ready, alright? Meet you back here."

Without further ado, Valorie jogged off to her dorm. It really wouldn't take her fifteen to get ready, but she would use the remaining time to calm down a bit.

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