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Sel clapped her hands together and beamed at Valorie and Mark. Valorie didn't seem suspicious which was good...Sel didn't want her to think that she was up to anything bad or that she had her own designs on Mark - that wouldn't help her cause at all. As Valorie left to go and collect her things together, Sel waved to her and then turned to Mark, her face deadpan.

"Do I have information for you," she said shortly, turning on her heel quickly and striding towards Entei dorm, not even turning to see if Mark has followed her or not. "I learned nothing about Pokemon Mythology in that lesson but BOY did I learn some stuff about Valorie!" she felt Ri leap onto her arm and clamber up to her shoulder and patted his head, not realising she had left him behind. She was obviously so wrapped up in her planning!! She buzzed herself into the dorm and ran up the stairs to her room, whipping out her key card and letting herself in, assuming that Mark was close enough to get inside before the door closed behind her.

"She is into you, THAT much is obvious...she's not exactly open and gushing about her feelings, but that's to be expected because we don't know each other TOO well, but I get the feeling she does trust me to an extent which is nice to know. Just reach behind the wardrobe there and there'll be a couple of sunloungers," she directed Mark, kneeling in front of her bed and reaching under, finding one folded up sunlounger and her large pink beach bag. In it, she stuffed a deflated Jigglypuff beach ball, a Raichu beach towel and Solrock tanning gel. Selene didn't believe in her vain, but she preferred tan to safety. "Ummm...right, there's my's a novel about explorers caught in the Burnt Tower in Ecruteak and their encounters with the legendary dogs, it's really good, I'll lend it you sometime." she said absent mindedly to Mark as she routed in her drawer, pulling out her shocking pink bikini and sarong and waltzing past Mark into her en-suite bathroom and changing. She emerged tying the sarong around her hips and stuffed her feet into yellow flip-flops. "But yeah...Valorie...let's walk and talk, I want to get me some sun!"
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