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I see you guys are talking about the Best of series that Viz had out for a while.
Well, I think that maybe the Best of books were kind of like a pilot for the re-release of the rest of the series, mostly to see if people would still be interested in manga after it's 7 year hiatus.
Also, regarding the next chapter of the BW manga.

(This is gonna sound really lame, but it did happen)
After Grimsley told Black that he has to bet something precious to him, Black knows that the badges are very important to him. Unfortunately, he gets so freaked out over the idea of giving up his badges (and his dream for that matter), that he over thinks it and ends up fainting from the pressure. (hahahahahahahhaa, oh Black.)
Grimsley leaves him alone after that and investigates the grunt caught in the trap. He finds a map to the Relic Castle. Meanwhile at said castle, the sage Ryoku is waiting for that grunt, or something.
Later, Black wakes up in Nimbasa while White is preparing Gigi (her Tepig) and several other BW agency pokemon for the debut of the Pokemon Musical. Black kinda wanders off and finds out that the Gym Leader, Elesa is also participating in the Musical.


Also, there was another chapter taking place in Castelia City. Burgh is preparing for a Gym Battle against Black, when suddenly, Iris appears to visit him. She comments on his artwork not making any sense and proceeds to look at some other paintings, "White Flame" and "Black Thunder" (or something like that...)
Meanwhile, White had just finished another commercial shooting with Tep and Gigi. She also decides that, since her employee plans to take on the league, her agency will sponsor him as a way to get more publicity (meaning he would have to wear the BW agency logo in all his gym battles). Black notices that Tep is shaking, and is about to evolve. White is horrified at the idea of her little Tepig duo being ruined due to an evolution, so she picks up Tep and shakes him until he stops glowing. Black is (Justly) upset at this, and White tells him not to let Tep battle and risk him evolving. Black takes on the Castelia City gym, but he is starting to lose. While White watches, she notices that Tep is very distressed and wants to battle, since he is a fire type and could really help out. So now White is at a loss: Let Tep evolve so that Black may win his third badge, or keep Tep as a Tepig for more agency stuff.

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