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Quote originally posted by Quilava's Master:
I just got through playing this and here's my review:
It's a very good hack, filled with unique features and ideas. I especially like that you didn't change the graphics too much. I prefer FR Style graphics over any other tbh. I really loved the whole Under Forest Concept. It looked amazing, with quite a bit of Makuhita [who I love!]. There were about 5 glitches I encountered and I've uploaded screenshots of them. I can't wait for the next beta/release so we can see some custom sprites/overworlds.

[House on the far-right in Ao City] The warp brought me directly to the table.

Self-explanatory; Also you can't walk on the shaded tiles beneath the wall.

The door animation is discolored.

My Lapras left me =[
I had no choice but to challenge the leader with only one live Pokemon and the Egg. Needless to say I lost.

May not be an error, just weird that she's facing down yet you can't talk to her directly while she's facing down.
I'm glad to know you enjoyed it! All the errors have been duly fixed, except for the door, which I've still got to work on.

Quote originally posted by cgj:
So i tested your hack for about 5 mins and all i have to say is you did a good job (5 mins due to fastforward on gpsp on psp)
Well...did you really understand any of it? Because when I played through there was at least 2 hours of gameplay at normal speed. :/

Quote originally posted by Bisharp:
Lol, yeah, I had the same glitch. xD
I assumed it was the one to use too, mine is working now because I got a diff. rom.

Plus, I found a text error.

Wait, who's Prof. Oak? He's not supposed to be in here!
Ah yes, I completely forgot that part. I'll be editing it.


After hopping on the SS Sonic, which'll be shown soon, I returned to Coral Town to find that Alyssa's flower shop now has plenty of seeds!
It also helps because a large ditch has appeared on Route 3 and I think there's some pretty awesome treasure on the other side.