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Many thanks, flamemaster.

However, after consulting with some "advisers" and very good friends, I've decided to stay with my current tiles, which are the HeartGold/SoulSilver tiles. It seems most of the games are converting to Black/White tiles, and I don't want to jump on the bandwagon. Besides, I've got most of the character sets and autotiles I need. Thank you for the offer though! n_n

Small Update(s)

First and foremost... meet the second starter of Ironed Heart!

Lavapho, the Magma Seal Pokémon.
PokéDex Description: These Pokémon is arrogant and very proud. It spends its time swimming in magma pools or singing weaker Pokémon.
Credit(s): Thanks to Cilerba for the awesome sprite! <3

I.V. Game Updates

As I told flamemaster, the game will retain its HeartGold/SoulSilver graphics. I am now revamping old maps, and updating some OWs. Progress is very, very slow, but, we're getting some done.
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