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Originally Posted by SuperJOCKE View Post
Man, this sounds so awesome.
It would be even more awesome if you could expand it even more yourself to add your own fakemons. Looking forward to it, I really hope you make a patch. Amazing job. I just really hope you release it for public use though... :/

Just have two questions:
1. How about newer abilities? Like Porygon-Z can only have new abilities (Download and Adaptability), have you inplented them with those effects, if it's possible?
2. Can we change the location of the moss and ice rocks if you have inplented those?
Apologies for the lack of reply, only just noticed this post.

1) For now, they have been replaced with similar-ish abilities, or use abilities of their pre-evolved forms in gen 3. Eg, Porygon-Z uses Porygon/Porygon2's ability. In the long term, i'll look to add the new abilities.

2) Easily enough, yes. As the evolutions aren't actually triggered by proximity to a certain tile, but are actually triggered by levelling up on a certain map, they are easily enough edited. And it would allow us to have more than those 2 specific reasons for evolution.

Finally, yes. Fakemon could be easily added using this hack, but lemme finish the existing code first huh?
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