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Quote originally posted by Winter Wonderland:
Why has no one commented on this? This is absolutely amazing! I've actually been toying with the idea of a RSE remake on HGSS / DPPT, but you beat me to the punch. :) This is looking great so far, I do hope you keep up the good work. I also hope you make it close enough to be a remake, but different enough to have it's own style of sorts. I'm glad to see the diving of 4th generation ROM hacking. :)
Why thank you. I've been perfecting a script all afternoon. I'm adding it to the thread right now.
Quote originally posted by TheDemetrious1:
Looks nice. I'm assuming it's a sapphire remake for the DS?
Yes, it is. It will be very small to begin, until maps can be modified easier.
Quote originally posted by Lugiaz Soul:
Hmmm. This does look familiar!
Well, I can't wait to release the beta. I plan to start doing the rival's home tomorrow.

UPDATE: I have a near-final mom script, all that is missing is music. Take a look under the Videos section!

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