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^ you're actually missing 4 EVs haha (stick them in SpD, you'll get the extra point)

But actually, looking at this team, Bronzong is possibly a better choice then Ferrothorn since it just straight up walls Excadrill and Landorus, two powerful sand sweepers that can threaten this team otherwise. I'd actually consider a more defensive spread with a Relaxed nature since you'll be relying on it alot for resistances and pivots.

Toxicroak would appreciate Substitute in the last slot. It helps you boost while behind a sheild and can play mind games with opponent with the threat of +2 Sucker Punch. If you want to go really offensive though, use Cross Chop / Brick Break as main STAB and then use Ice Punch to down all Gliscors. Drain Punch + Ice Punch is illegal so you'll have to pick one :(. Gliscor also happens to be some people's main U-turn sponge so after disposing of it, the opponent may find it hard to take Scizor's boosted U-turns. From there, you basically have the match made.