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Rules of the Game Development section
The community rules also apply here.
  • Theft is not tolerated!
    You may not claim another person's work as your own, nor should you use it without said person's permission. If permission is granted, you should clearly credit that person.
  • Do not talk about Emulation or ROM Hacking here.
    You may do so in the Emulation section.
  • Do not ask how to obtain illegal versions of any software.
    It is against the rules of PokéCommunity to provide warez.
  • Two month limit to thread revivals.
    You may revive any thread so long as it has been less than two months since its last post.
  • Avoid repetition by using the Search function.
    Before you make a post or thread, be sure to do a search in order to avoid repeating an existing thread/post. However, you should make a new thread rather than bump an old one of the same topic if that old thread has been inactive for more than two months.
  • Be clear.
    When posting, make sure that your post is legible, relevant and coherent.
  • Be constructive.
    When commenting on a game or idea, be sure to do so in a constructive manner. Simply saying "This game looks great! Keep up the good work!" is not a good post. In addition, be sure to accept any criticism directed toward you.
  • Showcase screenshots.
    If you wish to show off maps or in-game screenshots, you may do so in the Map Showcase and Review Thread or the Screenshot Showcase thread respectively.
  • Game project threads.
    Game project threads are not to be posted in the main section. They should go in the Beginner's Showcase or The Showcase instead.
  • Keep your project thread updated.
    You should show from time to time that you are still working on your project. If there hasn't been some kind of progress report posted in two months, your thread may be locked. If you have stopped working on your project (either temporarily or permanently), you should say so.
  • Do not ask about release dates.
    If a project's creator has not mentioned a specific date, please refrain from asking when a game will be released. Doing so is considered spam.
  • Do not ask to become a beta tester.
    If a project's creator has not requested any beta testers, do not ask.
  • Double posting.
    You may double post in a project's thread if you are the thread's creator, but only if your second post is about an update to your project.
  • Locking and unlocking threads.
    You may request that a moderator lock your thread by sending them a Private Message. You should do the same if you want them to unlock a thread.
TopRevised rules written by Yuoaman, Cilerba and Maruno.
Some parts rewritten from older threads, by Avatar, Neo-Dragon, Berserk, Darkmage31, Dawson and Hiroshi Sotomura.