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Quote originally posted by Nintendork15:
I believe you'll make it further than Rustoboro City.

You currently have no competition to beat or out do.

And you seem to be doing things at your own pace. :')
Well, it depends on how easy maps are to modify. But, that is my utmost wish.
Quote originally posted by Retribution:
This is a really interesting hack. Normally, people just change Pokemon encounters/make trainer have stronger Pokemon and that's about it. And I understand howhard it is to hack the fourth generation in comparison to the third generation games, what with the lack of tools and the maps. This hack is really taking it to the next level. Plus, it's a remake of Sapphire which is much better than Ruby imo. :D This is a hack I am really lookign forward to, and I wish you the best of luck. :)
Thanks. I'm playing through Sapphire while making this hack, so when I finish GBA Sapphire, Aqua Sapphire should be done too.
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