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Quote originally posted by Nintendork15:
Friggin luv the new updates!! <3

You sir are an ace!! <3
Thanks man ^^

Quote originally posted by mr.Alpha:
This game is indeed great :)
I tried it few times, and I really love the game <3
Thanks ^^

Quote originally posted by Chimchar 9:
Mitchel my friend! ^^

You've impressed me with the new update, I absolutely love these updates! <3
I really hope for the alpha soon. Good luck!

P.S - Don't get any new features in your head! I want to play it! :D
Haha I won't m8 I got plenty idea's. But not planned in this alpha, it's time for a official release coming these days.

Quote originally posted by Darkerm:
Awesome! Winter is my favorite, It's good to see season change in this Game.
Those Battle BG are very nice.
I am really what to play it now but have to wait a little while.
Hope it come soon.
Good Luck mate.
Thanks, keep in mind that the seasons are still W.I.P and can cause some glitches. The seasons will appear within alpha 1.0 but like I already said not perfect.

Quote originally posted by Ash493:
Anyways awesome update :D
Winter looks cool and from the looks of second screen we'll have grass covered in snow, nice :D Will snows stay even if we step on it or it'll be like Route 113 in R/S/E? :)
Thanks ^^ I'm afraid it'll be more like route 113, animations within season tilesets arn't possible yet. (so far I know)

Quote originally posted by Alexandzoroark:
Wow, the Day, night and seasons is incredible. This rom is fantastic.

:surprised: :surprised: :surprised: :surprised:

Quote originally posted by Danu20:
Now whait the final release or beta public :D
Well it won't be a final release... at all xD Alpha 1.0 first state was quite far (gym 3). But suffered on a glitch that couldn't get repaired. So we've been build Dark cry on a clean rom again but this time.... with impressive new features and way more stable. Only disadvantage... It wight only contain 1 gym. But don't worry there is plenty to do in alpha 1.0! =3

Quote originally posted by helmy96:
Damn I'm so excited! If only gba roms support more colours... the DNS would give a perfect rendition of the time of day!
I couldn't agree with that more, but sadly enough we can't go any further then 16 colors.

Quote originally posted by mew_nani:

I'm glad we're close to a release! I can't wait to try it! :) What's the minigame with the hammer in it? Is it like a mining minigame? I love those. :)

The whole thing looks just beautiful. The day/night transition and the seasons looks fantastic.
Thanks man ^^ well the hammer thingy has been based on the idea from D/P/P and completely customized by me.

Quote originally posted by ahsome:
I played the original Dark Cry, was epic, but the head was HUGE (big brain dude)
Anyway, good luck mitcheal1, and i hope this hack goes far into space, reaching giratina of course :)
Ill always try to support you man :D
Anyway good luck!!!
Thanks man and god the old dark cry, glad we get that over with xD Horrible english and 12+ humor. (Hear me talking about my old failure hack xD)

Quote originally posted by Wesley FG:
I liked the idea of ​​the mini game, I think is based on D / P / Pt, you worked very well in it, about the seasons is a great job though, the game has features impressive graphics and great scripts, a perfect combination.
Thanks Wesley for your support on Dark cry =3

Quote originally posted by qaz015393:
really love the update man. the season change, in battle changes & the mini games all look great, i cant wait 2 see what other mini games u come up with the hammer 1 reminds me of super smash bros XD lol . this is still one of the greatest hacks on my list to play when its out. still amazing graphics, scripts. still really love the title screen & the grave scene. keep up the great ideas man.
Hehe thanks ^^

Hehe it's great to be back in buisness, and well with today some "not so impressive xD" updates.

Today I would like to show the new "dream" cave that has been modified with some new smooth graphics.
And you never quess who will return in the trion region! It's....!! Well...Just look at the screens they are more obvious xD

Currently we are encounter some bugs with "alpha testing" that first seriously need to be fixed.
B: Working on it
I: Sadly enough not a solution yet.
U: Still wait for an answer from JPAN

- D/N error, after trainer battle the pallet will return original. (working with mindfreak on this)
- Costum Trainer battle Battle ground
- Still need a well sprited Jessie and James OW. some tryed already but became a mess (sadly enough)
- JPAN's auto increse wild POKéMON/Trainer POKéMON level. We have been study this but havn't came any further. It seems like a bug in the routline.
- Gesina gym second Spinarak-mobile still glitchy.

New things avaible alpha 1.0:
- Decision based story line!
- New side quests!
- Improved older scripts
- D/N umbreon/espeon evolution!
- D/P/P pokémon shiny glitch fixed!

Well lets continue to our updates shall we?

D/P/P: Torn world entery tile
Kyledove: D/P/P cave tiles

New modified cave!
Before >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> After

Jessie and james will return! with there, of course, never to happen promotion!

That's all for today people, hope you understand the situation and enjoyed the new updates.