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Nice alpha. However, I have a few bugs to report.


Glitched text.

"Assistant" is spelt wrong.

"Also" is spelt wrong.

After Chrono, there is one extra ":".

The text went out of the box.

You should press spacebar after ":".

Grammar error. You should type, "There are ghosts" instead of "There are ghost".

It should be "grandmother's" instead of "grandmothers".

Glitched text.

"Might I trouble you for a battle" should a question instead of a sentence.

The lady and the picknicker have no script. (I checked them on A-Map, and their script offsets are $000000.)

After the conversation, Ariel disappears in thin air without walking to the exit first.

Talking to this person will cause the hack to freeze.

It's "Potion", not "Potiopn".

The text went out of the box.


Not good, not bad. I'll give you a higher rating if you had fewer grammar/spelling errors and bugs.
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