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What are your opinions on subjects such as same-sex marriage, abortion, the death penalty, and so on? Why?
I believe that people should choose to do whatever they want in those senario's.... If one man is in love with another, so be it.... The human race isb't perfect so why should people go around trying to believe so....

Why are your beliefs the way they are?
They are because they are.... I dont know what happens in my head and to tell you the truth, I dont care.... I live my live how I see fit.... I know doing thing may result in harsh penalties, so I dont do them and curse the people quietly....

Do you believe in any form of life after death?
I believe there must be some sort of life.... It may not be humen, nor even on this planet, but we can't just dissapear from existance....

Do you believe in aliens?
Yes I do.... I'm not a fanatic but there has to be other life forms in the universe.... They may not be as complex as humans, or even visable.... They could be as small as a grain of sand, or as big as a large tree, but their out there somewhere.... Scientists have even proven that there is a life form on earth that dosn'e need Oxygen to live.... That could easily mean the on planets without an atmosphere, even those creatures could live....

Does your family and friends know about your faith? If no, why not?
Not exactly.... They think I'm not really into anything, they dont know I'm Athiest.... Why not is in the last question....

If God does exist, what do you think it would be like?
I know he would't be some giant human in the sky.... He'll probably be someone on earth.... But even if there were a God, no one man could be trusted with that much power.... Human or not, his not perfect....

What are your family's general religious beliefs?
All of my family are devote christians.... Most of them go to church avery week, while my close reletives go nearly avery day.... Its really hard living in a family like that, when everything you learn about science and Earth are the exact opposite of what they tell you....
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