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Originally Posted by ShadowMrk View Post
It seems to me that you guys are drawing this out longer than it has to be. If all you want is the Pokemon to be uncatchable then just do this:

-First, find the place in RAM that holds the current wild Pokemon's catch rate and find at what place it stores that data into a register.

-Then make a check right before the game calculates the catch rate for a certain address that isn't used for anything that you can use to see whether or not this battle is of the uncatchable type.

-If that variable IS set then jump to a custom routine that sets the temporary catch rate to 0 and stores the original catch rate into another unused variable.

-Then make another jump after the catch rate calculation that sets the temporary catch rate back to the original catch rate.

-Then make two more routines, one to set the uncatchable variable and another to clear it. Then use those routines in a script before and after an important wild Pokemon battle. Tada! You don't even have to touch the Ghost Marowak ASM.

It was late at night when I wrote this so if I missed something please tell me. Also, if the game doesn't store the catch rate into a temporary location (which is doubtful that they wouldn't) then doing this would be alot harder ,but not impossible.
While this would work, it's not what the OP actually wants.

I've managed to track down what I believe to be the ghost check for the Pokéball throw. This could be a useful lead.
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