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-Raike sat in his seat silently, taking in all that had just happened. An angel had slammed some other human kid against the wall, at which Raike rolled his eyes, because apparently the helicopter wasn't going to last pretty long. But the kid started to laugh, in some kind of weird demented auto tuned voice. When that little Marisa kid had asked the "government man" to go away, he only did that weird laugh again, and then asked her to go die in the arena, a phrase he used against... well everyone in his district.

Fausto then grabbed the angels arm and would have broken it had she not pulled away. She kept muttering about something he had done to her mind, and looked as if she had gone crazy to him. The body jumper then exited Fausto's body and revealed his true form. The dude was freaking huge, sporting muscles a big as the trunk of some old oak, and probably reinforced with steel. His legs looked pretty thin, since his pants had to be held up by a belt, but it could just be the same thing with Raike himself, his body looking normal, but actually being a hell of a lot stronger than he looked.

His hulk arms were crossed across his chest. He seemed to be in his mid-twenties, even though Raike knew there was no way that could be true. He had a look on his face that just seemed to piss Raike off, like he was looking down on him as if he were nothing, with those crimson cat eyes. His hair was styled in the way of some kind of thug, pointing in all directions, making Raike feel that if anyone was unlucky enough to get impaled by those spikes, they would not be likely to see tomorrow. He then made some stupid pun about him being their worst nightmare. Seriously? Raike had heard that too many times. He made some threat, asking if anyone else wanted to punch him.

Raike rolled his eyes, suppressing the urge to walk up and steal him. This guy was obviously stronger than everyone there, because even Bern wasn't moving against Natruo. Ryuu then decided to challenge him, typical.-

"Ryuu, as much as I would love to see you get owned, you know attacking him would be stupid, and your not completely incompetent."

-He glared at Natruo for a few seconds, then arched a brow at Paris, sighing.-

"Really? Here? Out of all times?"

((Sorry I took so long, I needed to find my flow again))
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