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Quote originally posted by pokemonpokemonpokemon59:
Maybe make your own sprites instead of recoloring them?
I do make my own sprites. I made almost all of them myself, and a couple were made by the Rkyeet.

Now, if you're making this comment based on the Dragon in the screenshot, then that's a joke. The thing is, Charizard is just a dragon with a flame on its tail. Therefore, I simply recoloured a Charizard - really badly for emphasis - to force people to think about it.

There are no other recolours in the game.

Quote originally posted by Avian_321:
The certain epic battle is annoying to find, trick masters are annoying D:! And if Tea Barqan is ANYTHING as annoying to catch as Luca (Still haven't caught it. I ran out of 59 ultra balls with it at 1 hp.. twice..)
Yes, I had trouble with both of them. Especially Téa Barqán.

Quote originally posted by Varelse:
Any hints on the location of either 3? Oh and, sadly, you did fail to remove the Deadly 7 from Lilycove department store in the new .ips
I didn't try to remove them. It was the invisible Deadly Seven in Lilycove I was trying to get rid of.

Anyway, Téa Barqán, being the legendary Pokémon of peace, won't reappear until the story is finished and Senex and Luca Zamón are gone. I won't say where he appears, but it's a high place.

The Trick Master's new house is somewhere that was inaccessible early on in the game, but it isn't worth going there without a certain item.

And the epic battle should be relatively easy to find. It only happens after Luca Zamón is defeated, though.

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