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Kerin blinked a few times as Marisa put this thing behind his ear. What was it, a microphone? A parasite? One of those fake earrings? Marisa put one behind her own so Kerin wasn't too worried.

"Kerin, now we can have a... a... Private convo!" Kerin heard Marisa's voice echo in his head. Kerin rubbed his finger over the device. So it... was attached to his brain? That sounded too silly to be actually possible. Although, Kerin would never have believed 3 years ago if someone told him that he would be a vampire in the near future. He smiled. So... how did it work? Marisa hadn't said anything, did she just think it? Wait, if that was the case, was whatever he was thinking getting transmitted into her ear? Aah! The whole thing was just damn confusing!

'H-hello?' he thought quite stupidly. Was this how it worked? 'Can you... hear me?'

Geez, he felt stupid. And now, if Kerin guessed how this thing worked, Marisa knew he felt stupid. Great!
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