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Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
Here's a nice challenge I thought of while in the midst of thinking to myself, reminding me of the rules of a Nuzlocke. How about a challenge where you can only catch one Pokemon per encounter method? So like, grass, caves, surfing, fishing, shaking spots, swirling dust etc. You can only use one Pokemon through each method. I think that'd be pretty fun. :D

I would be clear on the rules though, like your starter would count as a gift Pokemon, whereas egg would also count as a gift, if it's the Togepi egg or Happiny or whatever. :3
The encounter rate thing is kinda new, but I remember a guy starting a thread where he wanted the challenge to be all the Pokemon on your team must be from an event or a gift, and he was pretty much shot down by everyone because everyone who'd compete would almost have the same team :o

I really wanna have a challenge where the people playing are against each other and it's a race to be in first place and if you accomplish certain things you get to trade and steal party members from your competitiors and such

but I just can't think it through

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