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Last night I spent about an hour stealing emoticons from Red Chocobo and Zorak's let's plays because I always liked them... Don't judge me!

Part 4

My team after a little grinding.

Well then let's Rock!


Really now

My God it looks like the love child of a Geodude and a cube!

This scares me

Brock kinda like Rock.

I'm starting to sense a pattern.

Cool Story Bro!

Nah I'm just gonna pull a

What Honor?

Come At Me Bro!

It's staring into my soul!

That is not Rock-Type! It must be eliminated!

You can't beat Bay Watch! He's a pirate.

No I'm just that good.

Wait all I get is a Badge!

Hahaha we need MOAR POWER! (couldn't find a picture with Tim Taylor to make the joke better. Sorry!)

"It's dangerous to go alone take this!"

*Zelda Item Get Noise*


Well that's pretty dumb

Of course I will...Not!

Yeah K Thx Bai

Stranger Danger!

You were just standing there!

What did you get demoted to delivery boy?

*Zelda Item Get Noise*

So let me get this straight I was wearing shoes and only now that I am wearing RUNNING SHOES I can run.

Well that was only minimally rage educing.

Well she always was bad at getting gifts.

Oh I totally don't remember you.

I just didn't feel like showing the battles today but I will show new pokemon.

Oh yeah channeling Snake.I went and battled him anyway.

And he had this ball of electric... stuff

Yeah yeah yeah

Evolution=Hat... Really?

I am staring at the wall!

I don't know why but I want to ride it.

I will not give in to your disease! I will purge the land of you and your kind!

I actually kinda like this one.


It's like I'm invisible

I feel like he will steal my eggs

What I don't know much about baseball.

Zubat replant? Check.


Every fiber in my body is telling me NO!

But I did it anyway.

It fits doesn't it.

I'm gonna throw you at something the first chance I get.

Anyone you guys want to see me train?