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Originally Posted by Karpman View Post
I think you've got it the other way around. Pokemon are always used because they're good, so the tier containing the top competitive Pokemon is called "The Overused tier". The element of surprise isn't worth much in the metagame, most people prefer to use proven movesets and Pokemon that have already established themselves as powerful threats, gimmicks are rarely seen, although they can be effective. I really reccomend you stick to using standard Pokemon. Anyhow, here are Smogon's Usage statistics, they start from the most used Pokemon [Ferrothorn] to the lesser used ones. [Usage Stats]
the element of surprise is very useful in the metagame; i don't see how it can't be. but constantly battling the same person does lose the surprise factor since they will know what you are using, so it's best for tournaments. either way, it's still possible to use uncommon pokémon effectively, as long as you know how to support it and use it properly. and besides, the user may find battling more fun that way.