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Has anybody run into (or had the chance to) on the Touhoumon roms? Such as Pure Power, Flash Fire and Minus not working or causing issues. I know the STAB thing isn't a problem on any emulator with Renko version (which is the rom I was using), but it is possible that the other problems were solved by simply not using those abilities, since everything in Touhoumon is fakemon (sort of). I suppose I'll be looking into that tonight.

As for actually looking at the code involved in this, I haven't had much more chance to look at it, as I've been struggling to fix a variety of problems that cropped up in one of my hacks after an hardware failure (such as everything past about offset E-something, including basically a bunch of FF freespace and about a thousand bytes of actual game mechanics, being overwritten by 00's), which is taking all my time.
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