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Hey everyone, I'm James901 (Jody901 on and ever since I was little I loved to draw my own Pokemon, or Fakemon. Then a friend and I decided to try to make our own game so here is the idea.

Pokemon Gardia Mirage Version


In the region of Cretens everything was not as peaceful as it is today. There were violent storms, earthquakes strong enough to destroy cities, huge volcanic eruptions, tsunamis 50 feet tall, and diseases spread across the land. This was all caused by the great war between humans and Pokemon. Many innocents were fatally injured, or even died. People say that the war was caused by a menacing Pokemon that killed the wife and daughter of King Hirosaki Nagashima, but that is not the whole truth.

King Hirosaki was not as innocent as he claimed to be. He was power hungry, and would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. He single-handedly started the war by killing a family of Nidoran, along with their mother Nidoqueen in his quest to conquer the region of Cretens, for he knew that the Pokemon of Cretens would stand in his way. But what he didn't know was that the family of Pokemon had a father, Nidoking. Nidoking saut after King Hirosaki and killed his family to make things even.

King Hirosaki then formed a six man team of the most skilled warriors of his time to work under him, and lead his army to battle. There was Dieppe the swift, Blitzkrieg the strong, Ypres the hot head, Roosevelt the wise, Mackenzie the beautiful, and Winston their kind-hearted leader, who was the most skilled of them all. He told them his story about Nidoking killing his family and they put all their loyalty in him and blindly fought for his cause.

But one day Winston found out the truth. He then confronted King Hirosaki in front of the rest of the team and King Hirosaki confessed his true plans. He then offered them a choice, join him and rule over the Cretens region, or fight against him and die a horrible death. Dieppe, Blitzkrieg and Ypres chose to join King Hirosaki but Winston, along with Roosevelt, his best friend, and Mackenzie, Winston's one true love, chose to fight against him.

Winston, Mackenzie and Roosevelt then got exiled from the kingdom and became wanted criminals. They knew that the three of them alone couldn’t hope to defeat King Hirosaki and his army, so they turned toward the Pokemon that they once fought against for help. Winston spoke with Nidoking, who was now leading the Pokemon army, and they formed an unbreakable bond of friendship. Now with the Pokemon on his side, Winston knew that they can win this war.

Winston and Nidoking lead an all-out assault on King Hirosaki's kingdom. Their fighting seemed endless but eventually things started looking good for Winston's side. King Hirosaki fled from battle and Dieppe, Blitzkrieg and Ypres stayed to hold back Winston and his army, but Roosevelt, Mackenzie and Nidoking chose to stay and fight them so Winston can chase after King Hirosaki. Winston reluctantly chased down King Hirosaki and the two of them were never seen again.

Some say that King Hirosaki will one day make his return to try and finish what he had started. If that happens who will be there to protect the region of Cretens? The only one who was ever capable of defeating his has disappeared. But what King Hirosaki doesn't know is that before Winston chased after him, Mackenzie was pregnant with his child...

16 Years Later

You have been having these strange dreams of two men fighting against each other, each trying to kill the other. One day the dream seems worse than it usually is, the man wearing a crown gains the upper hand and starts winning the fight, then the other man turns to you and asks for your help. Before you can do anything, you are woken up by your step dad, Roosevelt, and your mom, Mackenzie. You decide that these dreams have been going on for too long and you tell them what happened. They then tell you to get dressed and meet them in the living room.

When you go down stairs and they tell you that the man in your dream was your father, Winston, and that you are the only one capable of defeating King Hirosaki and saving your father from destruction. For years they have been telling you the story about the war but they always used different names, so this took you by surprise.

Roosevelt then says that you will need to gain the trust of Pokemon just as your father did. He then gives you a choice between three unique Pokemon that he befriended during the war and a Pokedex to help you befriend even more. He says that you must first challenge the Pokemon League in order to sharpen your skills and develop a close bond between you and your Pokemon, then sends you on your quest.

Along your journey you will face many obstacles set up by the children of King Hirosaki, who will do anything to help their father rule the Cretens region. They will eventually try to get you to betray your father and join them in ruling the Cretens region. The fate of your father and the Cretens region is now in your hands. Will you choose the save your father and defeat the evil of King Hirosaki and his children, or will you betray you father and take your place as a ruler of Cretens? Choose wisely.



You are the son/daughter of the famed hero of Cretens, Winston, and it is up to you to save your father and do what he could not, defeat King Hirosaki.


Your father's best friend, who stepped up and took care of you when he realized your father was not coming back. He is a kind man yet he is very strict when it comes to battle. He will occasionally help you along your journey by battling against you to strengthen your Pokemon, or by battling with you against powerful opponents.


Your lovely mother, who raised you since birth. She is the kindest person you know, maybe even too nice. She is a skilled Pokemon trainer and will help you along your journey by battling against you to strengthen your Pokemon, or by battling with you against powerful opponents.

Hideki Nagashima

The eldest son of King Hirosaki. He will stop at nothing to kill your father and save his, he will even resort to asking you to join him. He is a powerful trainer and your greatest rival. Along with his siblings he also has an army of supporters to help him with his quest.

King Hirosaki Nagashima

The ruthless king. He is a greedy man who will do anything for power. He has been trapped in a place where time never moves and he must fight against Winston until one of them is victorious.


Your father, the ex-leader of King Hirosaki's army. He led an army of both humans and Pokemon to battle against King Hirosaki's army. You have never met him because he has been trapped in a place where time is at a standstill and he must do battle against King Hirosaki until one of them is victorious.


Unique Storyline
Experience Pokemon as no one ever has before.

Customizable Character
Make your character look unique and how you would want it to look like.

Pokemon, New & Old
At least 150 Fakemon and also the old Pokemon as well.

A New Type
Features the new Light type.

New Moves, Abilities & Items
Gives much more variety and creates more strategies as to playing the game.

New Region
Explore the region of Cretens, full of unknown creatures and secret places

Gym Leader Rematches
After defeating the Pokemon League, why not re-battle the gym leaders with new and improved Pokemon.

Two Champions!
Battle the two champions of the Pokemon League in Cretens in a double battle.

A New Battle Frontier
A whole new Battle Frontier featuring trainers from past generations.

Gym Leaders/Elite Four

1st Gym - Bug Type
2nd Gym - Steel Type
3rd Gym - Poison Type
4th Gym - Ground Type
5th Gym - Ice Type
6th Gym - Dark Type
7th Gym - Dragon Type
8th Gym - Light Type

#1 - Electric Type
#2 - Grass Type
#3 - Fire Type
#4 - Water Type

!Two Champions!



Creator, Team Leader,
Storyline/Plot Writer,
Character Developer, Idealist,
Fakemon Artist, Trainer Artist, Concept Artist/Writer,


Character Developer, Idealist,
Fakemon Artist, Trainer Artist, Concept Artist/Writer,
Music Composer



Elite Killer



Unown Addict, Mr.Mewtwo, Andy&Salamence,
Spriter SR|XL, and Flaming Charizard Of D00M.
All for inspiring me with awesome Fakemon ideas.


What do you think of my storyline?

How can I make it better?

Is there anything I can add to make the game better?

Is there anything that you don't understand from my description?


As of now I am designing the Fakemon of the region and spriting as much of them as I can. I am also working on developing the characters, so far I've only started on the Gym Leaders and Elite Four members but I will soon start on other characters such as the hero, Roosevelt, Mackenzie, King Hirosaki, Hideki and Winston. Julez has also been designing Fakemon and has been composing music exclusive to our region. Grimgrum is also going to be spriting. Elite Killer will begin mapping shortly and we will soon be on our way.
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