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Originally Posted by Tyranit View Post
Hey, for the heart of the legend challenge, am I required to use a pokemon for each color, or can I use less if there's more than 4 colors? My options for black are really limited in heartgold, and the heartgold ho-oh sprite only has black in the eye, "legs", and a little in its mouth. Also, for future reference, can I use the shiny sprite of a legendary instead of its regular sprite?
Hellz to the no on shiny sprites, freak of natures those sprites are

you at least need a team of 4 for Heart of a Legend

if let's say you are using Ho-oh you have to have a fire type on your team, and then a flying type, that would leave you with two colored pokes. The way it works you you pick the most promintant first.

I guess there is some room open for interpretation, but hell the first color I see is orange, so orange Pokemon

The second color that strikes me is that vivid green, so green

Basically you can't get away with stealing the color of Ho-oh's feet or eyeballs because you have to work your way through with the most obvious color, then to the second, and so on

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