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Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
well that's way pout of proportion of what I meant of how you should play the challenge. When I said in order I meant you have to catch it in order of when you started. FOr instace, if you stat with blue, then you have to catch a Purple, the a Red, orange and so on.
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I thought you had to start on Red

one day I will edit it

one day

*watches the Earth die as she sips on her coffee remembering the last time she said she'd edit something in that thread it took a week*

Anyway I feel a fool, I had the idea for a point based challenge before I knew what royal was ;_;
and Idk I don't like the race thing because for people like me one day I'll have all the time in the world to play Pokemon, and then next thing I know many days go by

Here is an idea, a whole group plays against one another
they can play no more than 1 hour a day on their game
no speed button
to ensure no one is just racing to the elite 4 points will be given
like maybe +1 for every Pokemon added to your Pokedex +5 for every item you receive from talking to people or something like that

and then what you can do with your points is go to the Laure store where you can buy various items like items that force an opponent of your choosing to release a Pokemon that was a part of their team, seal a Pokemon's move or evolution. I guess there could also be revival items for yourself, you could also make allies or enemies by being able to help someone out by giving them spare points, in hopes they don't screw you over later

Idk I keep trying to come up with a challenge version of a PO tournament I use to host that we named after the Hunger Games. Every arena day two tributes are picked to battle each other they win points they lose points, give points to their friends, use items to help/hurt each other, and every arena day I roll the dice and if I got a 6 the person with the lowest number wasn't allowed to play anymore :D

That won't work for a challenge but I'm trying to think of something fun

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