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You can all blame Steve for this. :P

This exclusive group is reserved for the elite who are the proud owners of huggable, squeezable and/or loveable plushies, Pokémon or otherwise.


You gotta love 'em. ^^

To register your interest in joining the ranks of plushie owners, you must first complete the following registration form and post it with haste!

PC Username:
Your Favourite out of of Your Plushies:
The Plushie you would most want in the whole wild world ever
(If not stated above already):

(You don't have to post a pic of you plushie to register as a member.)

PC Username • Favourite Plushie • Wanted Plushie

KipMy Mudkup plushie, of courseQuilava - you're next

Shining RaichuScrap the DogA large plushie Raichu

U_FlameAll of my 50+ Pokemon plushies!A Quilava plushie

hiinotamamy extremely soft dalmatian plushieohhh i want me a swinub plushie!

Safir-HimeMy Spikey Eared PichuA giant Scolipede plush, almost the size that I could ride XD

CorvidaeMy Murkrow plush :xA raven puppet...

Hikari10A white Christmas teddy bear, often called "Adrian"Hoot from ABC TV's "Giggle and Hoot" show

Snow PhoenixMy three dogsSwinub Plush

King!Oh, dear... I have waaaay too many.An extremely tall squishy giraffe plushie

MiyakoMy Tropical Hello Kitty and my really old Pikachu dollA huge Reshiram, Mesprit, and/or Volcarona plushie!

mameshibaMy Pikachu plushieA Quadruple-lifesized Pikachu!!

SydianTogekiss :)PETILIL OMG I WANT ONE SO BAD also i've been eyeing an umbreon for years...

Rocket Grunt CaliTeddy, the brown teddy bearA tie between a Vulpix and James <3

~RyukaaOut of the ones I have, probably my Cyndaquil!I'd kill for an Octavia or Fluttershy plush.

vaporeon7Probably my Lugia :3I want a Vaporeon really badly >:3


dragonite149My Flareon~<3A Kyurem plushie~ Or a RDash plushie~

ash_leyCare bear funshine with shinning touchesLowly worm from the Busytown series

LightningSpring CherrimAn official Japanese plush of emo overcast form Cherrim

wingman11My absolute favorite is my life-sized Eevee plush. SO SOFT.Gotta say, a Zangoose plush would be so sweet. Or a Sableye.

cr4yMy Domo-kun plushie that my mom gave me as a present.I'd take any cute plushie to be honest.

Snivy063Basically, my Snivy & Pikachu plushies. <3 I don't know! :P .. I'd accept any plushie! ^.^

Inkpuddle.The 15" Hachune Miku plushie my boyfriend gave me this past summer.A giant Ditto beanbag chair. Awwww yeah.

Ctrl.Alt.GeakWind Waker LinkIf someone made me a plushie of Tony from Earthbound I would be so happy.

sherreamethystmy AxewWell, there are 3...A Dragonite plushie, a Dweeble plushie, and a Pansage Plushie!

andrei0310Tails plushieA GIANT MUDKIP PLUSHIE like everyone else's!

PopsicleMy little Umbreon and my little MewA giant Flareon plush. Because I <3 Flareon.

Mockingjay 10 year old Togepi Ponyta/Rapidash






Little Oshawott







Mario The World Champion






And obviously the thing to do now is...


That's right - post a pic of your plushies! It can be one of them or all of them.
Comment on how cuuuuute others are! Don't be shy, k?


Plushies forever!

(Lightning's Note: Your old post, in case you had need of it.)
Hi there! I will of course be joining.

PC Username: Shining Raichu
Your Favourite out of of Your Plushies: It's a stuffed toy dog. Well it's not a dog really, its body is human shape but it has the head of a dog. Like a ragdoll with a dog's head. I got him when I was born and named him Scrap, after the plushie dog on Play School.
The Plushie you would most want in the whole wild world ever: I would want a large plushie Raichu, only because I have a huge Pikachu but Pikachus are too common.

Also, I will post a picture of my entire plushie collection sometime, but not right now as it is 11:58PM and arranging all this stuff takes a level of patience I do not have access to at 11:58PM :P