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Originally Posted by Masqueraine View Post
hahahaha, 'ooh pick me pick me!'
Actually, I know why there's no mod of this section and I don't think I'd be qualified to mod here, considering it's an important area. :P It would be nice if they had some s-mod or something listed in the forum leaders for things like this though, that was what I expected to see.

I'm not sure what's so convoluted about it, tbh. If you have a question that's easy to answer such as "can I change my username" or something, it would go in a quick questions thread. If it's something that could be a suggestion or one that causes discussion such as the one about being against the rules to post on old threads, it would have its own thread. Besides, if they read the FAQ then there would probably be no need for a Quick Questions thread at all, because 95% of questions are answered in either the rules or the FAQ, so your assessment of the situation is slightly off.

I don't think the inactivity complaints have much to do with questions either. xD I mean questions are nice but the real activity in the section comes from suggestions, considering most questions are one-post answers and then have no more need for discussion. The extra threads don't hurt anyone, but neither would extra threads in any other area with a QQ thread - it just makes the forum look messy to have so many tiny threads with no way to discuss anything on them.

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