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Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
Well, it completely stops right after the 4th badge, so there's no point in doing your LP for now. Well, the English-edited-completed version will be out soon, so you might as well wait for it.

Also, the new English version will have better grammar than the version you possess now. The reason to that is because my English has improved from time.

Lastly, there is no Omastar to start with in Verdart Town (Yellow Town in the original version).
Instead, you have an Elekid to start with. Also, in Beta 2, Gallade is not present within the Rom's data.
But the new version does and it replaces Kecleon.
Sounds awesome man, well I guess I'll just finish Volt White and do Firered Omega for now. Sounds good to me. Best of luck with the hack, I'll def LP it when you're done.
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