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Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post

You may think it's stupid, but we do have our reasons for trying to limit the amount of stickies we have in one forum. If you just look at the stickies we have now, the one that garners the most attention is the Signature Rules & Review thread. There are stickies available for users who have questions about the chatroom and infractions, yet people still often make their own separate thread asking about them when there's a sticky already made for those type of questions. Stickies have a tendency to get ignored a lot, and you can see this in other forums too, not just here. In the Pokémon Gaming Boards, we have multiple Q&A stickies for people to ask their simple questions, yet they still often make their own thread for them. Also, while having some stickies is great, I wouldn't even like to see a forum with too much of them. Just as how some threads can make a forum look messy down below, too many stickies in one forum can do the same. And with so many, they can end up getting ignored even more or lost in the list of them. So, we try to keep the number of them to a limit.

Also, I don't know if you remember when all of the forum stickies from every forum got merged into one forum not long ago (...oops! n__n;), but it hit us higher staff who was moving them all back that we really do have a lot of stickies around the forum, some of which that was kind of hard to identify where to move. So, to kind of lessen the confusion and amount of time it took to do that, we don't want to overdue it with stickies when it's not necessary, if that were to ever happen again (not by me again, that's for sure!).

Honestly, I would have no issue with a Quick Q&A thread for all simple questions that only take one or two responses to resolve. We have so many successful ones elsewhere, that work around the forum, I would think we can make it work here too. Notices do help. Since we put up the ROM Hacking notice that remains permanent, the number of questions related to that have lessened down a bit compared to before. I personally think having one would work. I always thought we could have expanded the type of questions asked in the "Where do I post this...? / Where is this...?" sticky so it could be found more useful.
Big Whoop. So what if it looks messy up top. It's still more organized than haphazardly scattered threads down below. If we had different threads stuck for different question types we could list common answers to commonly asked questions in the first post and then have more productive looking clutter down below. (The suggestions threads)

CQ&F is gonna be a rats nest anyway, and using the argument that n00bs are too stupid to get it is weak and tired. There's always going to be a clueless noob or two, that's where staff is supposed to step in and deal with.

Combining it into one thread makes it a headache to read through to find answers. If we split common questions into different classes, it might be easier to find the same question asked and answered before. I'm trying to encourage a more easily indexed and searchable system so even a clueless n00b can find something manually, assuming they know nothing of how to search or scan for it.
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