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Originally Posted by Giga Universe View Post


But couldn't we just create a new loader and call that from a normal script? We could then completely rewrite it, and it probably wouldn't be that hard to create something that reads a custom function table. We could always write another script editor...
I've already done this in some ways. I didn't write a custom script caller, I simply extended the table which has all the scripting commands on it, and slightly rewrote the engine to support the extended table.

It wasn't hard to do, and the game worked fine with the new commands. The only real issue was the lack of support from the script editors which obviously didn't recognise my new command, and displayed it as a bunch of #raws.

For the record, the command I made was a nice simple buffermapname command, which buffered the name of the map number you gave it.

Anyway, certainly feasible, and not that difficult to pull off, but I second Knizz's comment. Just use specials instead, as this keeps support for XSE etc.
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