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Quote originally posted by shinyabsol1:
Hey Jambo51, this looks absolutely amazing! Can't wait for the release!

I also have a few questions:

1). Will this work with JPAN's hacked engine?

2). Earlier in this thread you mentioned that this (at least the patch) will not work with a hack already in progress...why is that?

1) It won't work with the patch version, but if you user the installer tool that comes with it, I struggle to see why it won't.

2) Because the patch is based on an otherwise clean FireRed rom. It would most likely overwrite or remove any hacked in data.

Quote originally posted by theavenger:
how many of the original pokemon will you insert and if its not a problem whats the progress

All of the Pokémon, up to and including Genesect, will be present and as close to correct as I can manage. Bearing in mind that a lot of the abilities and moves aren't available in gen 3, I'm having to pick placeholder abilities and replacement moves.

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