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My point is that if we subdivide it well enough, people will be able to look in the right thread and see if their specific question has been asked before with little effort. It'll keep previously asked and answered questions from getting too stale and becoming difficult to find because you'll only have to navigate a single thread, not an entire forum. The more we can compartmentalize each type of question, the easier it gets to find the answer in the sticky. Especially good answers are indexed in the first post.

We already have an un-dismisssable notice atop CQ&F, surely we can explain in which thread you can ask certain types of common questions briefly. One big QQ thread would be just as chaotic and difficult to find things in as CQ&F is as a whole. It wouldn't organize'd be like stuffing it all into the closet.

If we're trying to organize and make things easy to find, we should separate it into categories at least. Perhaps we can expand on the "Where do I post __" thread concept and add a "Why did the mods do __ to my __?" or something common like that. Or a "Rules Inquiry" thread where it's in the notice that "All inquiries about Policies, staff actions and rules go here"
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