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Legendary Rebels


Its the year 2025. Everything had been calm and peaceful up till this year. This year the legendaries began thinking the humans were trying to make the pokemon slaves, because Mewtwo saw a trainer abusing his pokemon. Mewtwo was unaware that most trainers didn't do this, so he killed the Trainer. He convinced the other legendaries that they were, exept for six.Six legendaries didn't believe him.
All of the legendaries besides those six have began gathering the humans and traping them in a huge unknown canyon, and imprisoning them in cages. The cages are 10 feet everyway, and they imprisoned 20 humans per cage.So far they have imprisoned 5 million people. Those humans will be killed by the legendaries if they are not stopped. But who could stop them?And how can they be stopped?
The six legendaries who don't believe mewtwo have traveled all over, searching for a trustworthy human. They each fine one human to trust in Jhoto. (This does not mean all of your pokemon have to be from Jhoto, or your starter for that matter. You could have traveled there and started in a different region.) The humans know what the "rebel legendaries", which are the mewtwo believers, are doing.The "disbelieving legendaries", which are the ones who don't believe mewtwo, manage to write a message telling the trainers what they are doing.
The trainers believe the legendaries. They each steal a device from a local lab, which allows pokemon to talk to humans. They give it to the legendaries.The devices are braclet like things that fit on the wrists of smallish pokemon,but are sizable. The trainer size it to the arm of the legendary and put it on. They are then able to communicate.
The legendaries help keep the six trainers hidden. The kids don't know each other,at least yet. They have to get a plan to beat the legendaries, but how are they suppost to beat all of the legendaries, besides six?Will they achive they're goal? Or will humans become no more thanks to the rebel legendaries?


1.All PC rules apply
2.Its rated PG-14, keep it that way.
3.Romance is allowed, but nothing past kissing.
4.No Godmodding,Bunnying, whatever you want to call it.
5.No cussing. There is really no need to cuss.
6.Remember, Jarachi is asleep,so tecnicly its minus seven, but one isn't doing anything at all in the situation.
7.The trainers can't know each other or meet in till at least after one day in the roleplay, but they all do have to meet at some point.
8.You can only pick from the list below
9.You can only have six pokemon total, you can not take any from a pc box.
10.We're not catching the legendaries.
11.And oveously, only one person per legendary, and one legendary per person.
12.Only one eevee or eevee evolution per team, so that means if you had a Glaceon, you can't have a eevee or another evolution, if you have a eevee, its the only eevee you can have and you can't have any of its evolutions, but you can evolve your eevee. But you don't have to have a eevee or eevee evolution.
13.No using text talk. (Examples: "Are u a trusted trainer 2?" or "Maria sk8ted to the labratory.")
14.If you need to do a OOC, or Out Of Charecter part, than put (Ooc: ) Example: (OOC:I was out of ideas on what to post.)
15.Let me know before your going to be gone for longer than two days.
16.Be active. If I don't see at least a post every three days, your inactive. But if you let me know your going to be gone, than you won't be marked inactive.
17.A pokemon can only be used once. By that I mean,if someone signs up with say beedrill, than you can't sign up with it. That rule doesn't apply for eevee, but does for its evolutions.
18.Reserves last two days,but please try to gets your sign ups in as soon as you can.
19.If you break any of the rules you'll start off with a warning and be asked to change your post, if you don't change your post you will be banned, if you break the rules a second time you will be asked asked again, and if you don't you will be banned, and if you break the rules a third time you will be banned.


3.Latios-Lance-Mick Fizz

Sign Up Sheet:

Name: (First and Last Required, middle optional)
Age: (14-16)
Team: (Six pokemon total, no super rares,that does not include eevee.)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Legendary: (One of the six legendaries from the list.)
Appearance: (Your charecter's appearance. At least one thick paragrah. I will accept a picture if it shows the whole appearance, and you say how tall the person is, and it'd be nice if you summed up the appearance if you did a picture.)
Personality: (Your charecter's personality. At least one thick paragrah.)
Other: (Anything else? History isn't really important in this roleplay, so thats why I didn't add it. I don't want to make my sign upers do extra unneeded work.)

My Sign up:

Name:Adriane Cole Jewel
Team: Glaceon,Vulpix,Teddiursa,Azurill,Bulbasaur,Plusle

Adriane has lavender hair that goes three inches below her shoulders. She has chocolate brown eyes, and slightly tanned skin. She stands 5"2. She wears a violet tank top, and loose blue jeans. She wears purple and white sneakers, with a pair of normal white socks. Her hair is always down. She does have bangs. She is fairly fit, being athletic. Her finger nails are always kept a little bit long. She also wears a pair of dark purple biker gloves. (You know, the kind with no finger covering.)


Adriane will stand up for anybody, as long as they arn't enemies. She will use violence when she feels violence needs to be used, but she doesn't just always feel like it needs to be used. She doesn't "judge a book by its cover" either. She gives second chances to people,or pokemon, she feels like deserve second chances. She will help if somebody needs helping.
She is very caring towards her pokemon, and is completly against abuse towards them, or basicly any kind of abuse period. She isn't anti-social, but people don't really try to become friends with her, which she assumes is due to her appearance.

Otherhe likes singing and writing..not that it really matters in this roleplay.


This RP's Members.

Miley810-Adriane-Mew (Me,the gamemaster)
Mick Fizz-Lance-Latios (currently bunnyed by pkmn trianer yellow from Mick Fizz's request)
KoboraX-Tyrant-Uxie (I think if they don't post in a week I should kick them out)
pkmn trainer yellow-Valorie-Mesprit
OminousMix-Cress-Azelf (currently bunnyed by me due to inactiveness.)

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