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Quote originally posted by MarshMallowDJ:
this sounds great. id totally play it. however, i think the dragon gym should a been higher up, considering dragons are usually considered powerful, therefore making it a harder challenge. by light, do u mean psychic type? and wheres the fighting type?
I have actually been thinking of switching the Dragon type gym's place with either the Dark or Ground type's but I'm still unsure. And by Light I mean Light, not Psychic, it's going to be a new type for Pokemon Gardia Mirage. And there will be no Fighting type gym.

Sorry there's no screenshots or images, this has just been resently started so don't expect much as of yet. Also I don't need help with concept art, I'm a really good artist and have already started drawing. I'll post the starter Pokemon as soon as I finish the Water type, I've already finished the Fire and Grass starters but I want to show them all at the same time.

Also if you want to see an example of one of my Fakemon just check out my profile picture, I sprited it myself.
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