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Quote originally posted by Buda:
I have some questions, In the first post by Metapod reads that missions after purr-fect hero are avaivable, but when i completed purr-fect hero and run to left there is a large plain area, what to do?

And second one, when im going to the circus tent it says that show haven't started yet and i can't go to the tent.

Third one is when Team Rocket escapes from James parents mansion right side building whit Growlithe where they go?
1.Those missions after the purr-fect hero one are the ones that are gonna be in beta 3
2.If I remember you have to talk to the girl and the manager of the circus thing then the girl will say she quits and that mission begins, if that makes sence xD
3.I think that mission ends from there O.o xD

Quote originally posted by Skyy:
I like the mewtwo sprite. Looks like hes trying to hypnotize me ( : cant wait for that part of the hack.
Good I'm not the only one getting hypnotized by that xDD


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