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Quote originally posted by N16:
Are you still doing shiny giveaways?
Quote originally posted by merfyz:
I want your shiny evee, and arbok.

Check out my trade thread to see if anything interests you.
ok, use my black fc
Quote originally posted by Kkitten:
Do you have a shiny ho-oh????????????
Yes :3
Quote originally posted by Fireworks:
I've finished EV training it already, it's just not at level 100 yet.
On another note, thanks to TwilightBlade I got the other two cloned now
I see, can you finish raising it to 100 and tell me its final stats?
Quote originally posted by SOULxSILVER:
can you get me a regular (jpn) yanma(male)/ditto either ones fine. (next sentence is referring to yanma) with the best nature it could please.....
though i have nearly nothing to give... check my thread it should be one of the newset ones out there...

hmmm sure
Quote originally posted by CrowSama:
I'm interested in your Shiny Japanese Snivy and Shiny Modest Zorua, though I'm afraid I don't have any of the events you seek. Please CMT for anything you may be interested in. I have shinies, and DW Females!
hmmm sorry, I didn't see anything I wanted
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