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Quote originally posted by Sarcastic Prince:
Good. By Elite Four, do you mean Prima (Anime name; Original name: Lorelei),
Bruno, Agatha and Lance?
And also, when we face Team Rocket, is it going to be a double battle?

Only double battle for Team Rocket in Viridian Forest. The rest are normal battles.

Quote originally posted by nightskyedge:
I know that charizard won't obey me until the charizard chills episode, except for certain episodes (ex: when facing blaine and magmar). Question is, didn't Charizard obey ash when he evolved to face Aerodactyl? Cause mine just said it was loafing around then got OHKO by Aerodactyl's Ancientpower.

I just wanna know if this is supposed to happen? (Not the KOing part of course )

Charizard will obey during the Aerodactyl battle in the next Beta, just wasn't included in the last one.

Quote originally posted by Buda:
Hey Metapod, i know that asking of next release i forbidden, but can you say that is Beta 3.0 coming on this year or next year? It's annoying to watch every day have you released next beta.

Are you going to do Johto region to this hack?

Getting close to finishing Beta testing of the next release. I'm up to Riddle Me This (Cinnabar Island) for beta testing. You can check the Episodes to be Completed section in the first post for updates.

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