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Quote originally posted by Chimchar 9:
The updates look fantastic! I think everyone including me can see that you've been working extremely hard on this hack. This could be a tough decision for everyone when the HOTY is available.

Anyway, good luck. ;)
Hahaha HoTY? I doubt it. There are definitely some better hacks out there [namely Lilac]. Thanks for the support though.

Quote originally posted by Skyy:
The new updates are amazing. I really like the pokennect feature.
Thanks, I really like it too.
Quote originally posted by LapeFruitz:
Wohohoooow! Damn! This hack is amazing, dude, you gotta finish this thing!
Thanks! I plan to finish this.
Quote originally posted by Darkerm:

Sorry mate, I can't agree with you:(. Well yea it better than others but you know it boring to play with same thing. There are a lot of hack based on FR. so, I think at least Tree tiles and some pallet should be changed to make it non boring hack.
I really don't like FR trees.
Sorry, the tiles are not changing. I like the way the game looks right now and so the look won't change.

Minor Update

I'm going to scrap the Who You Gonna Call? minigame. I have it scripted and everything but I REALLY don't like the way it is right now. If I were to redo it, it would delay the beta so I decided I'm going to just scrap the whole thing. We'll see about putting in a different mini-game other than Tasty's To Go.

That's all for now, I have to get back to working on this. Next major update to come this weekend,
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