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Hope it's okay...Let me know if it needs editing.

Lance Anderson


Charmander - Zubat - Primeape - Squirtle - Geodude - Elekid



Lance is never seen without a toothpick in his mouth, or without wearing his black sneakers and tight dark blue jeans. He often wears T-shirts which he wrote on, but his favourite one is a light blue one that has no writing on it. He likes to wear a black pinstriped shirt over said T-shirts, and carries a black jacket for when it gets cold, along with his T-shirts, combs, and other belongings, in a pretty big black that looks like it's made of leather and has some stickers on it. He rarely puts on underwear, but when he does, his choice are some white boxer shorts.

Lance keeps his dark brown crunchy hair combed in a pompadour, and has bright red eyes and pale skin, and most people think he's a bad guy because of his appearance. He is quite skinny but very tall, 6 feet tall to be precise. Sometimes he wears some dark red shades, which he finds "cool". He has an ace of spades tattoo on his left wrist that was drawn on with a black pen by Lance himself.

Lance will only help people he considers "good", and won't move a finger to help those he doesn't like. He is usually friendly, but I don't suggest you get on his wrong side. In fact, those who are on Lance's "blacklist" (not an actual list) will be lucky if this red-eyed kid forgives them. And, trust me, it's best to have Lance as a friend, not as a foe. However, he will never EVER try to ruin someone else's life.

Lance has a strong dislike for shallow people because he considers them the reason he has no human friends. After many failed attempts at befriending people, which usually ended with a "Stay away" or a "You creep..." and even with a punch on his face, he gave up and turned his attention to his Pokémon, which he considers his only friends. He still will try to make human friends if he sees it's worth it, though. Lance also can't help being sarcastic around those that he doesn't like, and this has brought quite a lot of trouble to him and his Pokémon.

Other: Lance speaks in a very deep voice. He is also prone to having bizarre nightmares.